We produce natural beef protein for the food industry

Our white fits for:

For canning

allows you to replace up to 25% of meat raw materials.

For making dumplings

allows you to replace up to 25% of meat raw materials.

For making smoked sausages

boiled-smoked, semi-smoked sausages

For making boiled sausages

sausages, sausages, boiled sausages.

For making semi-finished products

allows you to replace up to 25% of meat raw materials.

For making stuffing

allows you to replace up to 25% of meat raw materials.

Production of meat products using animal protein (beef)

High-molecular animal (beef) protein obtained from purified collagen tissue of cattle using a special technology. This technology ensures the preservation of the natural structure of the protein. This protein is intended for use as a highly functional additive in the manufacture of delicacies, sausages, canned food, dumplings, semi-finished products, confectionery and other products using protein. In the production of the product, a special technology for cleaning collagen-containing raw materials was used without applying of bleaches, preservatives and antioxidants.

Due to its fibrous structure, the protein has a high water-binding capacity:
After hydration of the product with water (T 25-40°) the water-binding capacity is 10 parts of water per 1 part of the product. It has a high degree of microbiological purity. Beef protein does not contain GMOs

Benefits of using protein:

  • Reduces the cost of production (1 part of the protein binds up to 10 parts of water, which accordingly replaces 8-11 parts of raw meat or crude protein).
  • Increases the yield by reducing losses during heat treatment.
  • It goes well with soy proteins, milk proteins, egg whites, cereal fillers and other additives used in sausage production.
  • It has the ability to gel at temperatures from 50 to 100 C, thereby maintaining a high level of water-holding capacity throughout the entire heat treatment process.
  • Improves the structural and mechanical properties of the product.
  • Reduces thermal losses and storage losses.
  • Contributes to the most rational use of meat raw materials of reduced grade.
  • Due to its fibrous structure, it helps to reduce syneresis during storage of finished meat products.
  • Contributes to the preservation of the properties of meat products subjected to freezing.
  • Resistant to the action of proteolytic enzymes.
  • Helps to increase the nutritional and biological value.
  • Compensates for the lack of muscle proteins.

Applications in the meat processing industry:

Various types of sausages:

  • sausages, sardelkas, cooked sausages;
  • cooked-smoked, semi-smoked sausages;
  • chopped semi-finished products;
  • protein-fat emulsions;
  • canned food;
  • delicacies;
  • pâté production;
  • production of MDM (used as a structure former);
  • minced meat production;
  • ham production;
  • production of fish products (cutlets, canned food, surimi);
  • production of confectionery


Feedback from our clients

Using Turan Collagen beef protein, our products have a dense and elastic texture, good cutability of products

IP Kydyrbaeva

I’ve been taking it for about 4 months, I’m very happy with the results, I’ve gained about 5-6 kg in total weight, as I wanted, I haven’t stopped training. I’m glad that such a product is made in Kazakhstan, and the price is reasonable.

Nurken Zhumanazar

Excellent high quality protein.
The taste is top notch.
I have been using since 2019.
All my clients love this brand.
Moreover, the quality is very high, at a very tasty price (since the plant is located in our country).
Wishes: it would be great if they returned the taste of cappuccino


About Us

«Turan Collagen» LLP has been operating in the Kazakhstani market since 2015. The main activity of the company is the production of beef food protein.

We produce beef protein on high quality equipment. The product is produced in the form of light fibrous powder.